Our Guidance

The first steps in your COC...

THE RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL (TRI) is an invitation to a journey of awakening - a guided journey availed for you to dive deeper into who you are...

We are visiting...
  • that in you which is created through experiencing: your upbringing, experiences of survival, underlying beliefs of self and others, love, fear, guilt, comfort zones, void,  pain, happiness, grief etc. (balance/imbalances)
  • that which is naturally within you: competencies and skills (source/mission)
  • where/what you are aiming for: your ambitions around development and achievement in all areas of your life
...elements that are influencing your life on all levels – consciously and subconsciously.

Our Guidance offers a platform from where you can discover much more of your potential – understanding the diverse mix that makes up YOU and your ability to shape and create because of this! As you bring all aspects into alignment you naturally focus, take appropriate action and attract your hearts desires, manifesting your dreams.

You are balancing!
  • I am looking beyond the challenge, I see opportunity
  • I am openheartedly accepting the messages of life and welcoming those delivering them. These are my mirrors (mentors) availed for my personal growth
  • I am sensing WHOLEness and understand that each one of us is unique and that we are all part of each other ~ ONE ~ and part of a greater purpose
  • I check-in with myself to understand my motivation in any given situation: "Am I motivated by fear? Or am I motivated by love?"
  • I am identifying the ‘box’ and acknowledging the limitation. "I empty my cup"
  • I am letting go of control and walk towards balance. I am embracing and understanding the processing behind my own re-actions and those of others
  • I am bringing the responsibility ‘home’ instead of placing it ‘outside’ - I take ownership!
  • I am creating harmony in all aspects of my life and live in abundance