A Note from SmilingOne Founder
Karina Andersen
My mother said to me: "If you become a solider, you'll be a General; if you become a monk, you'll end up as the Pope." Instead I became a painter and wound up as Picasso." 
- Pablo Picasso

In a world of constant change, where I have worked intensively with people from all walks of life - from inmates to executives - I have come to understand the importance of investing in the human potential, guiding individuals, companies and communities back home into their hearts, right onto a truly successful and meaningful path.

Those living from their heart can truly commit from their heart! A committed heart beats with  self-trust, self-respect and a deep sense of passion from living life on purpose! It is hearts like these that join hands and live peacefully!

'The SmilingOne Idea'
on the sketch board in 2005

'The SmilingOne Domain'
registered in November 2005

'The SmilingOne Company'
founded in 2007 in South Africa

'The SmilingOne Foundation'
founded in 2008 in South Africa

A commitment to make a great difference.
Touching peoples lives!

With the established foundation and the inspiration I found in my beautiful South Africa I continued to build on the SmilingOne concept and used it to write the book: The Responsible Individual (TRI). For each TRI Student committed to the journey of Self Discovery the concept grew. It grew from one educational pillar (the Sharing Pillar) to three in a highly dynamic change engine: 
We call our approach: Circles of Change (COC). Each day it teaches us more - indeed an emerging strategy. 

1. My Sharing Practice
2. My Caring Practice
3. My 'I am a Resource' Practice

In each of the three COC pillars The Responsible Individual is an essential puzzle piece: as a personal leadership development program, as an entrepreneurial skills development program and as a way of leading life in gratitude and service.

Together with our Students we continue to create the most amazing community building programs in highly challenged environments. 'People are people because of and through others!" We uplift and educate individuals and whole communities. Visit our NPO initiative: The SmilingOne Foundation.