A TRI Facilitator

is your personal Travel Companion

TRI is the 'Art of my Heart'. I walk alongside you as you deepen yourself in...

  • understanding and caring of Self  
          mindful steps towards healthy individual
  • core work and healing processing 
          lifting and shifting stagnant energy 
  • individual & Team behaviour  
          Ripple Effects - ownership 
  • communication skills                  
          listening - observing - allowing 
          in and beyond words 
  • diversity management         
          weaving in the Ubuntu thread 
  • fear/change management         
          understanding manages stress, fear & anger
          ability to thrive in change 
  • power of choice         
          subconscious/conscious participation 
          The Elastic Band
  • the circle of experiencing         
          adding knowledge, expanding your 'Highway'
          building confidence in Self Identity  

...using guiding questions and the manual of THE RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL. As a TRI Facilitator I 'cook' with your ingredients.

Enjoy the fulfilling experience of embracing responsibility and 'arriving' home in your heart again.... this is where you achieve ABUNDANTLY!